Minera Tres Valles Was Distinguished For Its Work On Sustainability Matters In The New Version Of The Coquimbo Open Mining Day

The third version of the “Coquimbo Open Mining Day”, organized by the Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Mines, had as one of its purposes, to establish cooperation and interaction instances in order to consolidate a productive and sustainable mining industry in the region.

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, in the facilities of the Enjoy Hotel and Casino of Coquimbo, the “Open Mining Coquimbo 2019” convention took place, gathering people from local small, medium and large mining companies in order to improve the services and productive techniques associated to the industry.

After a day of informative talks and various exhibits from mining companies and enterprises that provide services to the industry, the closure dinning took place, instance that had the presence of the Mining Minister, Baldo Prokuriça. In this opportunity, three companies of the region were awarded with a recognition, being Compañía Minera Teck Carmen de Andacollo, Minera Los Pelambres y Minera Tres Valles.

In the case of Minera Tres Valles, the award given during the “Coquimbo Open Mining Day” distinguished the work made by Minera Tres Valles in Sustainability matter, which is bases in three main pillars, safety, environment and communities. Among the work done by the company, it stands out its development foundation, Fundación Tres Vales, the framework agreement with the local miners (which lends for free exploitation points in MTV ́s mining concessions), and the support for the development of the Santuario de la Naturaleza Raja de Manquehua- Poza Azul, which is an iconic site and it is a great heritage contribution for the county of Salamanca.

According to Sebastián Cortés, Sustainability Manager of Minera Tres Valles, this distinction “fills us with pride and strengthens our will to continue working for the development of our communities, establishing measures that contribute in a tangible way to their wellness and allow the generation of instances of growth through the strengthening of their capacities and resources. As a company we have the belief that a transparent and direct dialogue makes us forge confidence relationships that bring benefits to us and the local communities”.