Our Neighbors

TVC is located in a mineral rich neighborhood with some very impressive deposits.

A multitude of small and medium sized deposits dot our neighborhood but most notably, and about 50 kilometers to our east, is one of the largest copper reserves in the world – the Los Pelambres mine of Antofagasta Minerals PLC. In operation since 2000, copper production for 2021 is expected to be between 340-350,000 tonnes of copper representing nearly half of Antofagasta’s projected copper output of 730-760,000 tonnes.


We are in good company.

And by comparison, TVC at full capacity can produce 18,500 tonnes of copper annually. But we are yet to initiate an exploration drilling program on our 460 square kilometer land package. We expect to begin drilling in the fourth quarter of 2021.

We believe we have only started to realize on the potential of TVC and this scratching of the surface is the beginning of great things to come.