Technical Advisors

John Mortimer

Exploration Geologist

John Mortimer is an independent geologist working internationally in the metals industry. His technical skills include field geology, 3D geological modelling, exploration geoscience, exploration targeting and geoscience aspects of investment evaluation. His experience includes greenfield, brownfield and advanced project evaluation and management. He has also worked on a variety of major capital project studies in multi-disciplinary teams on large copper projects in South America and Australia.

Jarek Jakubec

Consulting Mining Engineer, Block-Caving

Jarek is considered a cave mining expert with over 35 years of worldwide operating and consulting experience within the mining industry. He regularly leads teams in technical or operational audits, feasibility studies, bankable due diligence studies, mining method selection, rock mechanics and is a sought-after member of geotechnical review boards for operating cave mines. He has worked globally on over 150 mining projects within 30 countries on 6 continents. Jarek is a SRK Corporate Consultant and Practice Leader of its Mining and Geology group in Vancouver, Canada. Jarek developed early-career expertise in mining of diamond deposits with De Beers, leading to career-long professional engagements on diamond projects and producing diamond mines in Canada, Siberia, Africa, South America, Australia and China. Jarek has assembled a world-class team of diamond experts in the SRK Vancouver office. Jarek remains active in research, development, benchmarking and operations-related themes in mass mining, specifically cave mining. He has authored or co-authored numerous publications, including the Large Open Pit Guidelines (2009, CSIRO) and Guidelines on Caving Mining Methods (2017, University of Queensland). He is the founder of the Cave Mining Forum, promoter of responsible and sustainable mining practices and received the CIM Mining Engineering Outstanding Achievement Award in Mass Mining (2019).

Hans Hein

Consulting Metallurgist

Principal and founder of Oryxeio in Chile, Hans’ engineering company specializes in metallurgical processes for the mining and metallurgical industry, particularly in hydrometallurgy. Hans and his team are recognized for their skills and experience in hydrometallurgical processes and particularly in the processes of leaching (LX), solvent extraction (SX), ion exchange (IX), electrowinning (EW), and crystallization (CX). Hans has performed projects for many of the principal producers in Chile and internationally.

Luis Merino

Consulting Mining Engineer, Block-Caving

Luis is considered a cave mining expert with over 50 years experience in civil works. He has specialized in the area of geomechanics, providing expert advice to the industry through INGEROC SpA, a consulting company in the areas of rock mechanics and engineering. Mr. Merino has more than 20 years of experience as a consulting engineer and is an industry expert in the areas of rock mechanics, rock engineering, geology and geotechnical engineering providing his services in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Peru.